The Office

The architecture office Vorderwülbecke was founded in 1976 in Berlin, Germany. The office is not only invested in design, but is also engaged in bidding, project development and construction supervision. VORDERWÜLBECKE GESELLSCHAFT VON ARCHITEKTEN mbH is capable of developing projects together with highly-qualified partners to meet the needs of any challenge. The architect's office possesses outstanding knowledge and experience to develop and to realize high-quality commercial and housing projects within a multitude of time and economic frameworks. Mr. Vorderwülbecke is active as an independent architect in cooperation with partners in varied fields. Efficient planning and economical construction are the offices' specialties. The VORDERWÜLBECKE GESELLSCHAFT VON ARCHITEKTEN mbH cooperates with structural engineers, planning engineers and contractors to develop planning and financial models. The collaborative effort allows for competitive rents and feasible financial projects. Cooperation over many years with engineering offices and building contractors leads to a continuous improvement of the building quality because of improved techniques and cost efficient construction methods. The yield oriented design can only be achieved with interdisciplinary cooperation. The office profits from over 25 years of experience in the architectural design and economic planning field. Efficient planning and construction supervision facilitate not only the meeting of high architectural and artistic standards, but also practical and cost-considerate planning. The highly technical requirements lead to innovative architectural solutions, which lend character to the building and make it unmistakable. This originality and quality is particularly appreciated by the tenant.